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Formal Tips

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If... the invitation says "Black Tie" : This is the most common dress protocol for most formal events. This invitation suggests strongly that a tuxedo is the correct attire of the day. A black tuxedo is frequently selected but in the right season, a white dinner jacket would also be appropriate.

If... the invitation says "White Tie" : White tie does not indicate to just wear a white tie with your outfit or wear a white tuxedo. This event is the ultimate in formal dressing, requiring the use of Black Full Dress Tails, a white pique fabric vest, matching white bow tie and white wing collar shirt.

If... the Invitation says "Black Tie Optional" : Black Tie optional suggests that formal wear is appropriate attire however not mandatory. The "tone" of the event is formal mixed with business attire. A dinner jacket would also be a great option.

Other Formal Events:

  • Black Tie Blue Jeans: Wear a tuxedo jacket and jeans-have fun.
  • Black Tie Invited: Suggests wearing a tuxedo.
  • Black Tie and Boots: Put on your cowboy boots, rent a tuxedo and practice your line dancing skills.


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