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Since 1954

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Store Policy


Please Help us help you to pick up your tuxedo on time. Your timely return helps the people of next weeks rental pick up on time!

Pick Ups
Tuxedos are available the Thursday before the date needed, Unless special arrangements are made. If your tuxedo is being used on May 21st Pick Up would be the 19th of May

Returning your Tuxedo is very important. To insure proper pick up, Your tuxedo is appreciated back on the next business day. If your tuxedo is being used on  May 21st, returns would be appreciated that Monday the 23rd of May.
Prom Rentals
It is very important to return Prom rentals on time. We open Sundays during our busiest weeks to insure convenience to you.
Friday Proms are due back Saturday or Sunday
Saturday Proms are due back Sunday or Monday Morning before 12:00 noon.

It is very important to return your tuxedo in a timely fashion... PLEASE avoid late fees!

 LATE FEES ARE $30.00 per day.

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